The Importance of a Home Inspection

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You have just moved into your dream home, you hug your wife and take a cold drink from the fridge. It’s a wonderful moment to experience after months of home-hunting and signing documents that you thought would never end. All of a sudden, you hear something squeaking in the attic. You soon come to the nightmare realisation that your dream new home has a pest problem. Performing a house inspection before you settle on a house is important. It could be a roof that is badly in need of repair or an electrical fault that could cost thousands to repair.

Hiring a professional is the only way to get a house inspection done properly. An independent contractor will be less emotionally attached and will cast an expert eye on the property before you make the purchase.

Benefits of home inspections

Warning signs

An inspection can warn about potential threats and safety concerns. He can offer solutions and the potential price of fixing any problems in the future. Trouble can be lurking under drywalls, problems can pose enough of an issue for a buyer to turn his back on a deal.


Inspection can pay for itself

Buyers can save themselves significant costs by demanding that the seller covers repairs. If the damage poses a safety hazard due to water leakage or poor structural design, the imperative is on the seller to cover the costs of repair.


Good for negotiation

If something transpires during a house inspection it could give the buyer leverage to get a better price on the house.

Gives a sense of comfort about the investment

Buyers are moved from having a certain level information to being more confident about the place. An expert’s eye is a good way to reduce the potential for buyer’s remorse. Buying a home is for most people the biggest purchase of their life. For a small fee, you can limit your risks by getting the help of an independent third party professional.


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On October 10, 2017

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