5 Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Live Plants Into Your Decor

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Live plants can do wonders for your home. However, including flowers and trees in your interior decorating isn’t always easy. While you can put flowers in almost any room in the home, you don’t want your house to become a jungle. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate live plants into your décor while keeping a balance.

1. Splurge on Trees

Trees take up lots of floor space and attract the eye from almost anywhere in the room. When you shop for trees, look for varieties that are two feet or more below your ceiling. Also, be sure your trees give doors, seating areas and wall decor a foot of clearance on all sides.

For smaller spaces, choose trees that are about one-half to three-quarters as high as your ceiling. Large plants in small spaces can create a cramped atmosphere. As with any live plant, be sure your trees are in the right environment and simple to maintain. A tree that needs direct sunlight won’t be very happy in a dark home office.

2. Hang Your Plants

Hanging potted plants is a fun, affordable way to add color to your home. Small-gauge wire is perfect for suspending your pots. Be sure the wire is firmly attached to your ceiling. Remember though: falling flower pots can make a huge mess and pose a potential threat to your safety. You can also hang pots on your wall for a vertical garden look, which could minimize the risk of injury to you or your children as well.

3. Pick Spots for Potted Succulents

Succulents don’t require much watering or care, which makes them an ideal choice for busy or non-gardening homeowners. Large succulents in big pots look great on the floor, but smaller varieties are ideal for desktops, counters and bookends. Succulents are also nice accents in your guest room or bathroom.

4. Use Herbs in the Kitchen

Garnishes like mint, cilantro and basil will liven up your cooking and add a flair to your windowsill or backyard. Kitchen herbs require minimal care. Simply place your plants in their ideal environments and water them as recommended. Decorative pots for your kitchen herbs can also help to spruce up your space.

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen for herb plants, you can also put up an herb garden in your backyard. You don’t need a lot of space – simply wire off a corner and start growing them there. That way your pets can’t get to them, and you can expand the types of herbs you’re looking to grow.

5. Decorate Your Bathroom

Humidity-friendly plants like orchids are ideal for bathroom settings. If you leave enough room for the essentials, having natural décor in the bathroom enhances the setting. Place your flower pot on gravel, loose rocks or sand to trap moisture and keep your plants happy year-round. Just make sure they can handle steamy conditions for when you’re taking a shower or hot bath.

These are just a few ideas to consider when adding a natural appeal to your home interior. Whether it’s potted plants in the entryway, hanging plants in the kitchen or box flowers in the bathroom, your home has various ways to bring the outdoors in. If you don’t want to spend a lot on buying and maintaining them, you could also consider their plastic, forever beautiful versions.


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